Web & Mobile Application Developer and SEO Specialist

I started 4+ years ago as an innovated IT Manager, Front End Developer (HTML/CSS/JS), then dug deep in the .NET namespace of development but still with a eye for design.

Originally specializing in C#, ASP.NET, MVC, Mobile, UX/UI, SQL, and overall web development, I really took fullstack Object Oriented JS, .NET, and MVC Frameworks are my bread and butter. (Angular 2, MVC.NET, EF/JSON/XML, APIs, Web Services, EmberJS, Backbone, and REACT stacks!)

I started a small technology business at a young age and was also a project manager for a large building corporation in KC before leaving for Chicago on a College baseball scholarship, when my baseball career ended unexpectedly, I came back to KC to get back into the exploding IT Business market that I'm so passionate about.

Today, you'll find that I've worked with Fortune 50 companies such as Verizon, worked on many different projects for the US Government and agencies.

What I Can Offer You


Technical consulting on many projects throughout the KC area, and across the nation. We can help bring your passion, business, or project to an explosive new web presence, by coming in developing a team and leading a team for your specific needs such as training, coaching, and technology implementation to make your business more efficient.

Web Development

Various web development such as business application portals, personal websites for musicians, artists, and consultants...what are you?

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

In conjuction with other softwares, we have the ability to produce cross-platform mobile applications and mobile responsive designs for existing websites stuck in the fixed-width "Stone Age" in into the mobile future. :)

WordPress or CMS

If you're a writer, a blogger, or anyone needing a WordPress site, we other those services as well.

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- Employment -

  • IT and Web Development Consulting - (NSD LLC - Nick Stone)

    Software Development Engineer

    Nov 1 2015-March 31 2016

    My Duties Included:

    Creative Interactive Software Applications and Angular-driven components with style on the Verizon VOiP Portal on primarily on the frontend while maintaining existing programs and building out existing components on the front and back end. Using JS, Angular2, Angular-Bootstrap, SQL, and PHP + Node.Js.

    Developing an interactive node app portal for the various Internal Applications and Interactive Data Modeling Tools that we developed for clients' Network Engineers and Networking Dept in Dallas for Verizon Telecommunications and JMA-IT Engineers

    Moderate or Major expansion work on a variety of projects and tasked-projects within Verizon's list of needs for the active portal.

    Worked on Mac, LINUX, Juniper Server with our staging environments from logical to cloud-base, we also used Git SourceTree/Bitbucket for Source Control.

    Angular 2.0, ES6 & ES7 (Javascript/Typescript), Object-oriented Javascript, along with Node.js or Javascript on the server, touched with PHP, Terminal-programming frequently via linux using VIM/VI. Gulp automated build system and task runner, WebStorm 10-11, PHPStorm, Sublime Text 3 as IDEs and Sequel Pro as MySql or SQL table database environment.

  • - Education -

    • Judson University

      Studied Entrepreneurial Business


      Went to Judson University in Chicago, IL to play NAIA D1 Collegiate Baseball before coming back into the tech world where I was before!

    • MCCKC - Longview

      Studied for an Associate in Business while I worked in technology

      Spring 2011 and take a summer class or two to finish it

      Used MCC to get my bearings, I had hoped for a temporary spot to go to school until I made other arrangements and until I could play baseball. My time at MCC consists of a semester and a handful of online classes but introduced me to Business Law, and Business Technology which is why this site is here today.

    • Centriq Training (MS GOLD PARTNER)

      Graduated with 2 Diplomas/Certs


      Studied the .NET framework and became a .NET developer focusing on web applications before moving on to MVC and Mobile applications

    • Microsoft (Centriq Training)

      Microsoft Technical Associates


      Along with my diploma from Centriq training, a Microsoft Partner, I acquired an MTA (Microsoft Technical Associates Degree and Certification). I was taught the overall foundation of the .NET framework and overall web development which churned my mind more and more each day, each day getting a deeper understanding and a great desire to seek out more on my own, especially when it came to ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, and overall mobile development.

      While there, we had a few projects with strict requirements that were given to us on a Monday, which was create a database for a ASP.NET Web Form Support Ticket Tracker application from scratch, with strict requirements and time contraits. Requirements for access amd app capabilites for certain roles and users, etc. It was an app that was data driven by SqlDataSources instead of Entity Framework or AJAX intentionally. My project turned out great but no with a plethora of time say the least.
      However, when it came down to our MVC project which we only had 3 days to complete, I felt I was able to blow it out of the water because I was the only person in my class who had their personal site converted to MVC and had been playing with it for longer than the two weeks we spent on it VS. the 4-5 weeks spent on Web forms and some SQL. With Entity Framework, it obviously made the data easier to manage and easier to display. You just had to know Controllers, and Models, then add your Views. Although both project led to stressful weeks, they were the two best weeks at Centriq due to the real life application to development in business (a Ticket Support Program & an Student Administration Tool to managing students, courses, classes, and schedules through MVC). Those projects can be found in My Works or here as well (PROJECTS)

    - Employment -

      Angular MD and NG-BS - (Cards coming, with fully employment info, with Google API Data, including addresses and phone numbers. Shortly) /**DEV NOTE, PLEASE IGNORE, Pictures, Angular-Material and NG-UI Cards, and Setup will be here to organize Employment History interactively, with individual UI-grid DDL's **/
    • Dept. of Commerce (Homeland Security DHS, USCG, Arizona State Police, Social Media/Twitter API 2.0 Safety Application, CONTRACTS + REMOTE %50)

      Project Web Designer & Front End MVC/MVVM Developer (PHP, EmberJs, AngularJs, MySQL, D3.JS, Crossroads.js, SignalR)

      July 2015-September 2015

      My Duties Included:

      Creative Responsive Mobile Web Applications on the PHP Backend for tablets while maintaining other existing programs and websites

      Developing SPA MVC app using EmberJs, SammyJs, Angular, RequireJs, CrossRoads, Signlas, for clients such as DHS and USCG, among other unable to disclose

      Communicating with Business Intelligence and remote team member, as well as companies to get approval for certain actions and additions.

      Researching, and gathering requirements, and resources, then implement those resources near soley along with creating and suggesting a Design plan for the app and scale on both a Desktop, and primarily Tablet format.

      Managing, Maintaining, and implementing a custom CMS for content editing and 3-tier site staging from Local to Production

      Moderate to minor expansion work on other projects within DOCommerce backlog of development needs.

      Worked on Windows, used Subversion and Git for Source Control, and was exposed to Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, PHP5 Symphony, SammyJS, Jquery TMPL, Crossroads.js, Signals.JS, Require.js and AngularJS

    • VML Marketing - Kansas City MO (Downtown Airport)

      Interactive Web Developer

      March 2015-June 2015

      My Duties Included:

      Creative Responsive Web Applications on the Java Backend while maintaining existing programs and websites

      Developing SPA sites for clients such as Firestone, Bridegestone, and Welch Allyn, etc.

      Communicating with Business Intelligence and the client, as well as third party software companies to acquire requirements, and resources, then implement those resources according to Creative Design's plans and scale on both a Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet format.

      Building, Managing, Maintaining, and Using the Content Management System in place Adobe Experience Mangeer or AEM 6 and CQ5.5 for content editing and 4-tier site staging from Local to Production

      Moderate to minor expansion work on other projects within VML's client list.

      Worked on LINUX, used Subversion and Git for Source Control, and was exposed to Foundation, Java 1.6-1.7, Spring MVC, Component Based programming, VIM, Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Maven, Ant, Grunt, Gulp, and AngularJS

    • Self Employed Web Developer

      Lead Developer


      Here, I run my own shop offering a variety of services that offer individuals and businesses a chance to work together with me to accomplish their goals, whether it be a fully functioning online web portal, a personal site, taking outdated sites into the mobile age, or doing a full service technology evaluation and IT Consult to maximize potential within your corporate budget. Additional services include our SEO and SMM

    • Source Management US &

      Source Maintenance Building Services

      Staff Manager


      Managed Projects and Staff throughout different campuses, buildinds, complexes, and stadiums and other properties such as (Sporting KC, Kansas Speedway, Legends at Village West & Zona Rosa). Led staffing for property management, scheduling, and event prep such as concerts and sportings events. Managed 3-18 people at a time, while working with Top Executives to gather needs, ideas, visions, and complaints to delegate and accomplish the clients goals by putting them into action at the lower levels of management and employees based on my employees strengths. Problem solving was an all day, everyday event. I may sure all clients needs were met and each event was covered properly. For Full Resume & Details download my Full Resume Download Link (Secure)

    • Self-Employed Contractor &

      Technical Business Consultant

      Overland Park, KS; Lenexa, KS; Olathe, LS; Warrensburg, MO

      Periodically 2008-2014 & Today for Marketing, and Overall Business Efficiency by Simple Technologies and Standards, SEO, and a STRONG Web Presence. (Below does not reflect)

      Main Consulting Clients included CPR Mobile Device Repair Overland Park, Source Management US (Shawnee/Lenexa KS), Source Maintenance (Lenexa KS), BOAZ International (Warrensburg MO), and Source Building Services(in Lenexa KS).

      Started out as a Mobile Tech/Business Consultant for C.P.R. Overland Park, and was there from the ground up for device repair, refurbish, recycle, and resell, then was brought on as a technical consultant while I was going into College to play baseball. I helped consult on the business end of the technology industry a bit but, Jen, at CPR Overland Park can more than be trusted with being extremely intelligent in business decisions, she just needed someone with industry experience and mobile device repair expertise, so I played those roles. Other full-time hire positions was Source Management US (prior to coming on full-time hire as Staff and Property Account Manager), Souce Maintenance LLC. or Source Building Services (Lenexa KS).
      Then, I was Hired by Source Maintenance, LLC as a Business Technology Consultant for creating a network with advanced CAT6 wired/wireless connectivity, Ethernet/Phone/Low voltage cable & network switches, phone answering service implementation, office technology and field employee supply. Hired to do the same thing for Source Management as well as consulting on and acquiring all office furniture including, staff desks, receptionist desk, filing cabinets, safes, lobby/lounge furniture, break room appliances, and conference room furniture with A/V equipment. Setup conference room phones, mics, remotely controlled projector, and HD camera for video conferencing.
      For BOAZ Intl, I managed properties and project managed astronomical renovation projects inside of huge buildings and converting them into dance clubs along with managing a luxury apartment loft building called Opera House Lofts in Warrensburg, MO.
      To read my full resume in detail please download it or read it in full Download Resume

    My Key Skills (graphs to be updated)

    Creative Front End Object-Oriented ES6-based FWs, .NET Development, & BIT SEO/SMO PPC
    Interactive Web and App Development w/ Mobile Responsiveness
    ES6, Angular 2, AngularJs, Ember 2, OOJS, jQuery
    ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC 3+, Node.js, API, NPM
    SQL Server, NoSql, MongoDb, MySql, JSONP, XML
    Photoshop and Graphic Editing, SVG, Flash, Videography
    Nick Stone Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved.


    Student Administration Tool (MVC w/ EF)

    This is an early .NET MVC project that was completed in 3 days as well, MVC is my strong suit in .NET, I wanted to do something nobody else was doing, such as my original personal site which now is a host

    Portfolio Image

    SAT Desktop (MVC Project Sample)

    MVC application driving data for School Attendence and Scheduling students as a student and admin portal for schools. SAT is another version of the real program for a vacational institution with a different CSS3 theme. Contact for credentials or for a virtual demo

    See Live

    Rider Consulting

    WordPress/PHP website and blog for a Vancouver, WA marketing consulting firm.

    Portfolio Image

    Rider Consulting

    WordPress/PHP website and blog for a Vancouver, WA marketing consulting firm. Uses Google Analytics for tracking, and an automated email system for daily newsletters as well as daily blogs. The SEO has brought in a ton of traffic in one month, and the business is expanding rapidly, a marketing consulting leader in the West.

    See Live


    Support Ticket System Application user: admin pass: P@ssw0rd to access all admin-guest functionality

    Portfolio Image

    Support Tickets

    3 Days to build a ASP.NET application using SqlDataSources for tracking IT support tickets for my certification in ASP.NET this was the raw/unedited true version that I made in 3 days including building the SQL database from scratch in SSMS. There is documentation and code snippets available as well. *** DEMO or has been cut/modified for client privacy or is a demo only for clients

    See Live

    Source Maintenance LLC.

    Helped with 'S' logo for Source and the HTML and MVC site build out along with building databases for an intranet system prior to the recent change in name, same site and logo

    Portfolio Image

    Source Maintenance LLC.

    HTML/CSS/MVC Web development and Logo Design consulting is not where my work ends with Source Maintenance LLC., I was a project manager as well, but originally came on as an IT consultant. Helped REDO the entire technological structure of the business for the owners, one of which is still a current active client, and the majority owner is the one who brought me on full time and for IT consulting and IT Specialist work.

    See Live

    MVCDevelop3d KC

    A personal MVC site, my first go at it, and it now just a large host for my mobile dev work, it's hidden and secure and has mobile apps, request access to my portal with a unique code for my jQuery Mobile Sites and Apps for Android/iOS

    Portfolio Image

    Develop3d KC

    This MVC project is under construction so I can fix the bootstrap but it still 100% responsive on mobile devices but it doesn't have the floating 'develop3d-kc' header and the 3-dashed side pop mobile menu. Still in negotiations, the sites future may fall into other's hands, after a photography group showed heavy interest. I will likely fix and Bootstrap 3 the site, and change the photos to optimize and test for Retina Ready photographic imaging on an MVC site, as a test.

    See Live

    Firestone Commercial

    Firestone Commercial - 4 in 1 Site

    Portfolio Image

    Firestone-Commercial US

    Adobe AEM Project, with AngularJS, Bootstrap 3, JSP, J2EE, Component Based programming -- Hybrid Interactive Development (VML)

    See Live

    Bridgestone Americas

    Bridgestone Americas/Firestone Commercial - Main Site

    Portfolio Image

    Bridgestone Tires Americas US

    Adobe AEM Project, with AngularJS, Bootstrap 3, JSP, J2EE, Component Based programming -- Hybrid Interactive Development (VML)

    See Live
    NWS - National Weather Service

    Dept. of Commerce & NOAA websites and Apps (1 of 3), Weather.Gov NWS


    Weather Service

    AngularJS, Bootstrap 3, PHP, EmberJS, Symphony2 -- Hybrid UI/UX Design and Interactive Development (Dept of Commerce Contracted)

    See Live

    Verizon Telecom - Networking Portal

    VZ Portal as Front End Software Engineer at JMA, Angular 2, ES6

    Portfolio Image

    Portal - VZ

    Angular 2.0, Node.Js, PHP, MySql - Ground up build using a NextGen tech stack with Beta Frameworks to ensure most current and up to date State of the Art Interactive Apps for Network Engineers to use for cloud configurations of routers and servers, via data modeling tools, and DnD interfacing- Screenshot not up yet***

    See Photo (Screensht, ask)

    US Coast Guard - IPAD App

    Dept Commerce/Homeland Security

    See Photo
    Portfolio Image

    USCG Flight Plan App

    Flight plan app using NASA geospatial data along with NOAA to gather weather conditions, sealevels and temps for plotting flightplans by iPad in cockpits.

    No Viewing (Have Design Comps, ask)
    Pure Romance

    Consultant Ordering Portal - Pure Romance

    Largest consultant-based adult retailer, and one the the largest online warehouse/wholesale businesses on the web driven by a consultant ordering portal via iPad Pro ordering

    Portfolio Image

    Pure Romance- .NET Systems Upgrade

    Pure Romance - Consultant Ordering Portal, .NET Special system Integration project upgrade from .NET 3.5 Web Services to .NET 5.0 with

    See Live

    Apex Specialty Trucks Commercial - Consult

    Business Marketing, Branding Advisory Consult

    Portfolio Image

    Apex (MAG) Specialty Trucking - Grain Valley MO

    Re-Branding, Consulted on Business needs formerly MAG, worked across from Lifted Logic who did an excellent job on the sites. Tremendous work Adam, Hannah, and Courtney!

    See Live

    BAFGBlue Ash Film Group

    Studio Photography Site for BAFG in Cincinnati Ohio

    Portfolio Image

    Blue Ash Film Group - Cincinnai, OH

    Photography studio based on of Cincinnati for studio photography and short films, site built on HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, Javascript, Javascript. There are a ton of full sized photos that are not fully optimized yet, that are in the process of being fixed to my specifications for speed purposes and the all the different photographers would prefer doing it themselves, so I have let them. This site will eventually be a fully dynamic site with all AnglarJS. ***Currently Down, due to client hosting dues, re-initialization in progress, but PhotoPortal the App is up and running on ModelMayhem the GQ modeling warehouse built with OAuth2.0 to password protect raw photos as well as auto-watermarking photos for the photographer, with an edit option (NSD App)***

    See Live

    Criterion Law LLC.

    Criterion Law LLC. - Wordpress Site - Larry D. Wright, Attorney Kansas City MO

    Portfolio Image

    Criterion Law LLC.

    Wordpress Site dedicated to Larry D. Wright's law practice in Kansas City Missouri for Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Law.

    See Live (I.P.)

    Trade Serve

    Trade Serve Dispatch Admin Board for Contractors

    No Exploring
    Portfolio Image

    T-Serve Site Admin Portal Dev & Design

    AngularJS and Design Gig, Short Term Remote client based out of Columbia MO

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    This Current Site Along with the list of Portfolio Projects are NOT UP TO DATE! I'm working as quickly as possible to get some of my better .NET work and Apps on here but client work takes precedence over my own personal site and portfolio.

    Some of my happy clients - I'll add yours, just tell me!

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